~Ouijia Board Holographic Clutch

I love this one, it’s so fab. I saw the orginal on Nasty Gal ages ago, but I couldn’t justify spending that much on a clutch with my mininum pay job. 

http://www.shoparsenic.com/shop/united-couture-ouija-hologram-clutch $58 and sold out

Buy here on AliExpress AND IN OTHER COLOURS. fab:


Garters <3 <3

If you’ve been looking around shops such as creepyyeha and other etsy pages selling these. I have started to see some appearing on ebay and aliexpress. Don’t know if they are fakes or they were never actually hand made or not but here are a couple for less than half the price! 



Bitching and Junkfood


Get the Look:



In white: 

http://www.nastygal.com/festival-shop/bitching-and-junkfood-wink-shorts-bleach €72

Or could just diy yourself. But if you only get spurts of creativity every one in a while and you’re not really bothered? Dupe here with free shipping: http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-Shipping-Smiley-hera-denim-shorts-yellow-boot-cut-jeans/826464_1364809239.html

Gotta question for yis!

Just curious, has anyone seen some lads clothing that they actually really want for themselves? :P
There’s this guys vest on ASOS I absolutely love, but have no idea what to do about the whole sizing business. 





I know it’s only a small thing, but I came across these online for 3 quid? I thought what the hell to myself and ordered a pair. The quality is actually so surprising. I was expecting thin flimsy socks, but nope! Cosier than fluffy socks, almost. The socks also came with the HUF proper labeling on them? So dunno what thats all about! Here’s the link(:


More Blackmilk Fakes (Swinsuit edition)





Finally tracked down a skeleton one piece! I’ve bought this one myself and the quality is grand! Since I doubt anyone would wear a swimsuit that often, unless your swimming? Unfortunately I have not testing that theory & considering I can’t bring myself to pay 70 quid for a swimsuit earning minimum wage :’( It’s spandex-y so can stretch a certain bit while also giving it that shiny blackmilk lookalike. Although the sizing is 1 size. I’m about a UK 8-10/ US Small with a tall torso and  first time I wore it I think it just about fits. Shipping off this ebay seller supply’s you with a tracking number & I’ve found actually cares about their customer service. Once before I ordered leggings, they tared around the crotch (easily sewn back but I was frustrated) Contacted the seller & they sent back a brand new pair! Even asked for a different pair because of fear of leggings ripping again. :) Off track, the shipping is usually free. So happy daaaays!

Here’s a link to more of their swimsuit dupes:

Blackmilk Fakes ^___^

As you guys know, I’m addicted to ebay: Here’s 2 ebay shops that sell class blackmilk fakes, praying they copy the adventure time pieces so I don’t have to cough up 100 blips for some leggings :P

This ones a tad cheaper & I’ve bought off them before but only sell the leggings http://www.ebay.ie/sch/Leggings-/169001/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&_ssn=moshiner7

& this shop sells swimsuits, body con dresses & legging dupes :D Have recently bought a dress & leggings off them so we’ll see soon enough what the verdict is :D

Jeffrey Campbell Thomb Boot Knock Off




Ebay26.04 and post and packaging 7.09

Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boot

SolestruckGreen Rub Off 133.07

Ebay: €27.23 and €7.09 post and packaging.

These are selling out v quickly so I recommend not keeping it on your wish list for very long ;) They may not be the real deal - but they may as well be!

Jeffrey Campbell Colton


Karamaloop 158.99



Ebay31.97 with 4.73 postage and packaging.

I know these aren’t completely identical but they’re the closest I’ve found so far. Will update if find any better ones, but for the moment saving over 100 blips - wouldn’t say no :)

Jeffrey Campbell Everly Knock offs


 Nasty Gal (139.02) & SOLD OUT


Go Jane (32.69)

Pretty much identical, but unfort the black is almost sold out & there’s only camel left. They might restock though :) 


Anonymous said: Some Unif Hellraiser dupes?

These were the best ones I could find http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Women-Spike-Shoes-Leopard-Print-Stud-Pump-Flat-Espadrille-Loafer-Punk-Boat-Black-/360521678734?pt=UK_Women_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item53f0c43f8e

Some similar styles 


http://www.ebay.ie/itm/No-Doubt-Ladies-Designer-Ballet-Pumps-Shoes-Black-pu-spike-Flat-Dolly-size-4-/171101553701?pt=UK_Women_s_Shoes&hash=item27d6728425 (more sizes in the store, they’re all listed separately) 


Ebay is the best place I’ve found for these

Anonymous said: where can i get cheap aa riding pants ?




:) Not AA but pretty much identical from the photos, I ordered a pair from the second link a while ago so if I remember I’ll update on how similar they are :P


I’m selling a few things on eBay :) have a looksee :)

(Source: fickenfotzex)

whorcruxx said: I've been seriously in love with cut out boots lately (à la Balenciaga), and while Jeffrey Campbell and Windsor Smith have copied them, for a much more affordable price, it's still slightly over my budget :p I've seen great ones from H&M, not quite exactly the same, but still gorgeous, but they are sold out everywhere I've looked and not available online. Have tried to look for a cheap alternative, but failed miserably :p So, as you seem to be the expert, could you please help me? :D

Hey, I’ve been hunting for a cheap pair myself, all the ones ive found on ebay seem to be open toe like this one 



But theres a few high street stores that have similar styles, but more expensive but still cheaper than the real deal! 








Hopefully theres something that you’re looking for :D 

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